Ordinance Enforcement Division

The purpose of Ordinance Enforcement is to promote the health, safety and welfare of Cottonwood, by ensuring compliance with city codes, ordinances, and animal control. Ordinance Enforcement promotes the mission and goals of the City of Cottonwood by inspiring a vibrant community, preserving and enhancing property values.

Report a Concern or Violation

What happens when you report a concern:

Your concern will be logged into the Code Enforcement complaint system and assigned to the Ordinance Enforcement Officer designated for that area. The officer will investigate the complaint. If you choose not to identify yourself on the complaint form we will not be able to relay the results of the officers investigation, please feel free to contact our office for an update.

When filling out the complaint form, please have the following information:

  • The specific type of complaint or nuisance.
  • Your name and contact number, for follow up purposes, unless you choose to remain anonymous.
  • The exact location of the complaint or nuisance, house number and street name. If there is not an address, please provide as much information regarding the location, such as the intersection it is closest to and side of the street. 
  • A brief description of the violation or complaint. 

What do we do when a complaint is received:

Ordinance Enforcement responds to all complaints. Any issues that pose a significant risk to health or safety are a top priority. All complaints trigger a field inspection; if a violation is confirmed, a violation warning or in some cases a stop work order, will be issued to the responsible party or posted to the physical property. The responsible party is responsible for any and all violations on their property. 

Understanding the Enforcement Process

The current enforcement process is complaint based. Most enforcement cases are resolved through voluntary compliance, both verbal and/or written warning, with the property owner. When voluntary compliance is not achieved it is pursued through our Administrative Hearing Officer process. In rare cases if compliance is still not achievable after the Administrative Hearing Officer process, then cases may be cited into Municipal Court for criminal charges.

Common Code Issues

  • Proliferation of Weeds and/or Waste Materials (Municipal Code Chapter 8.12)
  • Unlicensed and/or Inoperable Vehicles (Zoning Ordinance Section 404.L)
  • Unpermitted and/or Non-Permitted Signs (Zoning Ordinance Section 405)
  • Camping within City Limits (Zoning Ordinance Section 404.X)
  • No Permit for Construction and/or Renovation (Municipal Code Chapter 15.08)
  • Property Maintenance and/or Rental Maintenance Issues (Municipal Code Chapter 15.28.010 & 8.48)

Newsletter & Brochures

  1. Anthony Apodaca

    Code Enforcement Supervisor

  2. Valerie Madrid

    Code Enforcement Officer

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