Planning Division



The Planning Division manages both current and long-range planning activities. Current planning involves the management of all development applications, which are reviewed for compliance with the Zoning Ordinance, the General Plan and other code documents.

Development Applications

Development applications may include rezoning requests, conditional use permits, subdivision and minor land division, master planned developments and variances.

Long-Range Planning

Long-range planning includes research and development for General Plan and Zoning Ordinance amendments, and other duties which address the future interests of Cottonwood.


The Planning program is primarily concerned with building, zoning and property nuisance violations. The Code Enforcement program includes ongoing efforts to educate and inform both our new and long-term residents regarding the City Codes and Ordinances designed to protect our neighborhoods, provide safe and healthy environments, and protect and improve property values.

The Planning staff works with residents, neighbors, property owners and City staff members to work out appropriate solutions to possible violations of codes and ordinances.