New Ordinances

The City Clerk is responsible for maintaining the city's Municipal Code. The Municipal Code is a compilation of the general ordinances (“laws”) of the city. The most current edition of the Municipal Code is accessible to the public through the city's website and can be found online.

Adopted by Reference

Recent Ordinances

  1. Ordinance Number 706 - Spring Creek Annexation Area rezone
  2. Ordinance Number 707 - C-1 Zone Amendments
  3. Ordinance Number 708 - Removal of Library Board and Parks and Recreation Commission
  4. Ordinance Number 709 - Zoning Ordinance Amendments
  5. Ord710 - Amending Sec. Re: Attendance Req. for HPC Members
  6. Ordinance Number 711 - Adopt by Reference Doc. Entitled "Changes to the City of Cottonwood Zoning Ordinance dated April 14, 2022"
  7. Ord712 - Amending Zoning Map
  8. Ord713 - Amending Sec. 304 - Design Review of the City's Zoning Ordinance
  9. Ord710--TABLED
  10. Ordinance Number 715 - Amending the Zoning Map
  11. Ordinance Number 716 - Amending Zoning Ordinance
  12. Ord714 - Amends Title 2 of Municipal Code-Order of Business, Call to the Public
  13. Ord717 - Amends Zoning Ordinance Section 404.General Provisions, J. Walls and Fences
  14. Ordinance Number 718--Annexation of River Avenue and 89A
  15. Ordinance Number 719--Adopting City Zoning for River Avenue Annexation
  16. Ordinance Number 720--Adopting New Fees for City's Building & Safety/Planning & Zoning
  17. Ordinance Number 721--Amending Cottonwood Airport Rates, Charges, and Fees
  18. Ordinance Number 722--Change in Zoning Designations
  20. Ordinance Number 725--Zone Change
  21. Ordinance Number 726-REZONING A PORTION OF LAND
  22. Ord729--Amending the Zoning Map
  23. Ord730--Amending the Zoning Ordinance
  24. Ord725--Amending the Zoning Map
  25. Ord726--Rezoning a Portion of Yavapai Count APN 406-06-303E
  26. Ord728--Amending the Zoning Ordinance
  27. Ord732--Amending the Zoning Map
  28. Ord731--Amending the Municipal Code
  29. Ordinance Number 734--Amending Zoning Map 1875 Mabery Ranch Road