Cottonwood Integrity Line (1-800-419-3967)

To reach the Integrity line via phone, call 1-800-419-3967.

City Employees may contact the Integrity line either via phone or website to make confidential reports. Reports will be anonymous to the City, unless the employee chooses to disclose her or his identity, and will be collected using a third party agency.

Although it may make it easier to follow up on the reported issue with contact information, employees may choose to submit information without including a name or contact information. 

Examples of reportable issues include, but are not limited to:

- Theft or misuse of City resources (time, money, property, etc.)
- Personal use of City-owned equipment, vehicles, or other assets
- Corruption (conflict of interest, offering or accepting bribes, etc.)
- Misuse of City information
- Falsification of City Records
- Violations of the City procurement policy or contract fraud
- Discrimination, harassment, or retaliation