COP Volunteers

Mission Statement

The mission statement of our Citizen on Patrol (COP) program is to enhance the individual and collective safety and general welfare of all people of the City of Cottonwood by assisting the Cottonwood Police Department in deterring crime in Cottonwood. The primary method used to deter crime will be to provide high visibility patrol within the City.

Our initial group of volunteers began their training in September 2008. They have been actively working to assist the Cottonwood Police Department staff. We have since expanded this outstanding program with the addition of new members. There are 13 members in COP.

Compared to Citizen Police Academy

This program is different from our Citizen Police Academy in that COP participants are asked to commit to a minimum of four hours per week of their time after they complete training. However, participating in the Citizen Police Academy is not a prerequisite to joining the COP program. COP personnel receive training in patrol procedures, defensive driving, traffic control, and prisoner transport in addition to ongoing monthly training sessions.


COPs are given a uniform and allowed to drive a patrol vehicle specifically marked as a COP unit. They patrol throughout the streets of Cottonwood and assist our officers as necessary. Many times COPs are called upon to transport suspects to both the County Jail and Juvenile Detention. The Police Department is very appreciative of our COP members.