Responding to a Summons

Your response to this summons is required. Arizona Revised Statutes §21-223 states as follows:

“It is unlawful for a juror who is summoned and who fails to obtain a postponement or who is not excused from jury service to willfully and without reasonable excuse fail to attend on the date scheduled for jury service. If the person fails to respond to a second summons the court may issue a body attachment as for a direct contempt of the court. The person may be fined an amount not to exceed five hundred dollars and may be compelled to attend for jury service on another date.”

To serve as a juror in this Court, you must live in the city limits of Cottonwood. If you do not reside in the City limits, please notify the Court as soon as possible. It will be necessary to provide proof of non residency and then you will be excused from jury service to this Court.

We anticipate that the trial will be held as scheduled. However, some cases are resolved just prior to the trial date. Please call the Cottonwood Municipal Court one day prior to trial.