Qualification & Selection of Jurors

The Jury Commissioner's Office provides jurors for all trial divisions of the Superior Court and in some counties' justice courts and municipal courts.

Our master jury list is made up of names randomly selected from lists provided by the Arizona Motor Vehicle and Voter Registration Departments. Prior to the projected date of service, prospective jurors names are drawn from this list and they are mailed a questionnaire or summons. When the questionnaires are returned, they are reviewed to establish the eligibility of prospective jurors, pursuant to statute.

The number of jurors summoned is based on historical trends. In some counties, jurors are instructed to "call in" prior to appearing for jury service. The number of jurors needed is based upon requests received from the court divisions that expect to begin jury trials.

A member of the Jury Commissioner's staff takes attendance and assigns the proper number of jurors to each division conducting a jury trial. Prospective jurors are selected at random for the individual courtrooms.