Safe Shopper/Safe Community Program

Purpose: Through a written agreement and partnership with business owners and property management, the “Safe Shopper/Safe Community” program is intended to reduce incidents that adversely impact the safety of your business/property as well as your visitors by granting officers the authority to trespass individuals engaged in behaviors you deem as prohibited on your property; specifically loitering and solicitation without your permission. This agreement can be severed at any time at your discretion.

Trespass warnings would be issued to violators on a first offense. An arrest generally would not occur unless there are subsequent violations. The owner/designee authorizes the Cottonwood Police Department authority to trespass persons engaging in business solicitation or solicitation for money or other goods on private property without the express written consent of the owner, to include panhandling, hand bills, and/or providing a service.

Fill out the Safe Shopper Safe Community form below and return to the Cottonwood Police Department at 199 S. 6th St. Cottonwood, AZ 86326  or email to