Bicycle Patrol

Police bicycles are used to patrol special events, city streets, private property and other areas not easily traversed by foot. They have a positive impact on crime reduction and increase community policing efforts and officer mobility.

  The Cottonwood Police Department may utilize the bicycle patrol team as an effective police tool which may include such duties, but not limited to: 

  • Burglary patrol 
  • Parking violations 
  • Patrolling high-density housing areas 
  • Proactive enforcement for other Street Crimes 
  • Problems particular to the City of Cottonwood 
  • Special Events 

A fully functioning bicycle patrol program helps fulfill one of the Cottonwood Police Department's ongoing goals of initiating contacts with the community in efforts to reaffirm positive relationships and partnerships.  According to the International Police Mountain Bicycle Association (IPMBA), bicycle officers are approached by members of the community in much larger numbers than are officers on motorized patrol.  These officers have a greater opportunity to work with the various business and community members to develop close working relationships to solve quality of life issues.

Bicycle patrol also coincides with the City's goal of encouraging and enhancing opportunities for bicycling within the City of Cottonwood, as a means to allow bicyclists to travel to various destinations, provide an additional means of transportation, serve as another tool of economic development, and provide additional opportunities for a healthier community and to incorporate the ideals of national bicycle policy.  Simply put, the police department through the use of this program has the opportunity to set the example for cycling within the City and the Verde Valley region.  For additional details regarding safe cycling habits, visit: