Order of Protection Time Period

Once an Order of Protection or Harassment Injunction has been served, it will be in effect for 1 year.


The defendant may request a hearing on the order one time during the 1 year period in which it is in effect. A hearing will be held within 10 days from the date requested unless the Court finds compelling reasons to continue the hearing. If the plaintiff has been granted exclusive use of the residence, the hearing will then be held within 5 days.

Change of Circumstances

If during the period of time your order is in effect, your circumstances change, you must appear in person to request a possible modification to the Order of Protection or Harassment Injunction.

If a petition for dissolution or separation of marriage is filed, you must notify the Court immediately and the proceedings will be transferred to Superior Court.


  • Violation of the Court Order is a criminal charge.
  • If the defendant violates the Order of Protection or Harassment Injunction, you should call 9-1-1 for all emergencies.
  • Do not call the Court to report violations.
  • A decision to file criminal charges is made by the Prosecutor's Office, not by the Court.