Will you have vendors?

Food Vendors

A special event permit is required if an event on the City of Cottonwood property distributes food to the public. 

If an event coordinator plans to have food trucks or other food-selling vendors on site for an event on the City of Cottonwood property, coordinators must provide the City of Cottonwood a copy of all vendors' Yavapai County food vendor permits and a current proof of Fire Certification. 

Additional insurance may be required.

Merchant Vendors

For all other merchant vendors, a complete list of vendors for any event being hosted on the City of Cottonwood's property will be required prior to a Special Event Application being approved. Some vendors may be required to submit a Certificate of Insurance as well. 

Rentals (stages, jumping castles, entertainment, portable restrooms, etc.)

A list of vendors providing services for your event will be required. Insurance requirements for each vendor will be in effect. 

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