My event impacts street traffic. What do I do?

If your event occurs on city streets or impacts traffic on public roadways (including streets, sidewalks, and the area in between), you must submit a traffic control plan. Traffic Control Plans are a two-part permitting process subject to separate review times.

Step 1: Submit Engineering Permit Application

Step 2:

  • All traffic control plans (TCPs) must be submitted to the City Engineering Department and approved before event permit approval. All TCPs with their cover sheet can be emailed to
  • You may contact a barricade company to help you with traffic barricades and for assistance with creating a traffic control plan. 
  • Additional insurance may be required from the agency performing the traffic control or supplying equipment. 

Street closures and street barricades for large special events are permitted through the special event permit application process. A traffic control plan and detailed site plan should be included if public streets will be closed.


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