Parks, Recreation, Open Space and Wayfinding Master Plan

City of Cottonwood Parks and Recreation Master Plan

The City of Cottonwood is undertaking a master plan to guide the future of your parks and recreation system. Cottonwood currently enjoys a variety of city parks, facilities and natural recreation areas. The City has contracted with Norris Design to develop the parks and recreation master plan. With your knowledge and insight, we aspire to develop a parks and recreation master plan that will serve the City well for years to come.

Join us for a Virtual Open House, Thursday, July 16 starting at 4 pm. The Virtual Open House will be hosted on Zoom ( and available by phone: (408)638-0968, Meeting ID: 977 4967 4855. For more information please see the press release or the meeting flyer.

For more information on upcoming meetings and project updates, please reference the Parks and Recreation Master Plan website Please get engaged with the master planning process.