Welcome From Our Mayor

Hello and greetings from the mayor.  Thank you taking a moment to visit our website, it is my pleasure to be able to share with you a little background of our great city. Cottonwood shares a rich history with its surrounding communities in the Verde Valley, yet has a unique story which sets it apart from the others.  Cottonwood's history was originally based in agriculture and ranching.  The perennially flowing Verde River combined with great weather provided fertile growing conditions which helped the first homesteaders establish the community.

Mayor Tim Elinskli
Decades later, during the mining and smelting operations, Cottonwood became the hub of entrepreneurialism. Cottonwood was a free town among the neighboring company-owned towns, and offered a variety of services and products to the miners and residents of the Verde Valley.  The epicenter of this commercial activity was in the area now called Old Town, and the farms and ranches were immediately outside this district.

Through the years, Cottonwood has maintained its position as the commercial hub of the Verde Valley. Incorporated in 1960, Cottonwood has expanded to provide many services not common in rural communities, such as an excellent public transportation system, a family-focused Recreation Center, large library, many great parks and ball fields, modern, reliable and environmentally conscious water and wastewater reclamation facilities, and an excellent airport and industrial airpark.  When one considers all the other amenities offered in our area, such as excellent K-12 educational institutions, increasing opportunities for post secondary education, and great medical facilities, Cottonwood stands out as an attractive place to raise a family or retire.  Those who visit Cottonwood for the first time are amazed at the natural beauty of our surroundings and the great access to nature, whether you prefer to hike, bike or float. Visitors enjoy our historic district and the many unique locally owned businesses throughout our city that keep Cottonwood positioned as the commercial hub.  

Those of us lucky to call Cottonwood home can take pride in our new burgeoning industries, based in agriculture and entrepreneurialism, a return to our roots!  Even if you’ve lived here all your life, there are still new opportunities to explore our great community, and get involved in charting its future.  I am proud to serve Cottonwood as its Mayor, and I look forward to pursuing our mission: Inspiring a Vibrant Community.   

Tim Elinski, Mayor of Cottonwood