Reclaimed Water

The City of Cottonwood wastewater treatment facilities produce a Class A+ quality reclaimed water. The City has a reclaimed water delivery system, which includes selling reclaimed water to the Mesquite Hills Subdivision and the Del Webb -Cottonwood Ranch subdivision for landscape irrigation including the common areas. See picture below.
The City of Cottonwood also collaborated with Yavapai College to install a reclaimed water line to the college for watering of the Southwest Wine Center vineyards. The college has been purchasing  the reclaimed water since 2014.
Since the use of potable water for construction purposes is prohibited by City ordinance, the City operates a Reclaimed Water Stand Pipe for construction and general use. Customers interested in using this facility need to visit 111 N Main Street -Utility Billing to pre-pay and sign a reclaimed water contract for services.
The standpipe is available 24 hours/7 days a week. The cost the reclaimed water at the standpipe is .92 cents per 1000 gallons. There is a one-time account activation fee of $3.00 with a maximum pre-pay amount of $500.00.

Reclaimed Water Standpipe


Grape vines at Yavapai College