1. Arizona Economic Profile (PDF)

    Arizona is one of the fastest-growing, most dynamic economies in the nation, and Phoenix is now the fifth most populated city in the country.

  2. Arizona Town Hall Report (PDF)

    Read the 2010 Arizona Town Hall Report.

  3. Arizona Wine Tourism Industry (PDF)

    This survey of visitors to Arizona's wine tourism regions was undertaken to gather market research on a growing industry.

  4. Asset Inventory

    View demographic statistics for Cottonwood, AZ.

  5. Building Permits (PDF)

    View a list of building permit values for 2005-2012.

  6. Business & Workforce Report

    View the business and workforce report for Cottonwood in 2008.

  7. Cottonwood Consumer Expenditures

    View the 2008 Consumer Expenditures in Cottonwood.

  8. Cottonwood Economic Development Plan (PDF)

    Read Cottonwood's five-year economic development plan.

  9. Labor Availability Report (PDF)

    Read the 2010 Yavapai County Labor Availability Report.

  10. Lodging Feasibility Study

    June 2016

  11. Top Employers

    View a list of the top private and public employers in Cottonwood, AZ.

  12. Tourism Study (PDF)

    This survey of visitors to Arizona’s Verde Valley was undertaken in an effort to gather more reliable regional data than is available from statewide or national panel surveys.

  13. Wage & Benefits Report (PDF)

    Read the 2010 Verde Valley area wage and fringe benefits report.

  14. Water Management Strategies (PDF)

    Read the seven key water management policies for the City of Cottonwood.

  15. Yavapai County Economic Analysis (PDF)

    Read the Yavapai County Economic Analysis.