Historic Preservation Commission

Regular Meetings

  • 4th Wednesday of every month
  • 6 p.m.
  • Riverfront Water Reclamation Facility 
    1083 E. Riverfront Rd
    Cottonwood, AZ 86326



Agendas & Minutes

Agendas are available prior to the meetings. Minutes are available following approval.
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About the Board

The Historic Preservation Commission is comprised of seven members, at least five of whom shall be residents of the city, and two of whom need not be residents of the city, provided they have substantial ties to the city, such as owning real property, owning a business, being employed within the city limits, or based on other factors deemed relevant by the city council. Commission members serve for terms of three years.

Prospective Members

Prospective members should have demonstrated significant interest in and commitment to the field of historic preservation, evidenced either by involvement in a historic preservation organization, employment or volunteer activity in the field of historic preservation, professional experience in real estate or construction activities related to historic preservation, educational background in a related field, or other serious interest in the field. To the extent possible, it is desirable that at least two members have professional experience in the field of architecture, planning, history, archaeology, or construction.


A summary of the powers and duties of the Historic Preservation Commission include the following:
A. Advise the City Council on matters relating to historic preservation, including the making of plans and policies for the identification, evaluation, protection, preservation, and enhancement of historic structures, historic landmarks and historic districts in the City of Cottonwood.
B. Work to increase public awareness of the values of historic, cultural, archaeological and architectural preservation, by developing and participating in public education programs.
C. Work with property owners, developers, neighbors, and others to develop and implement procedures and criteria for the protection and enhancement of historic resources.
D. Create a historic preservation plan for the City of Cottonwood, establish criteria and procedures for review of development within historic districts, maintain and update a local historic properties inventory, and review and propose sites and structures for designation as historic landmarks and for listing on the National Register of Historic Places.

Landmarked City Property

  1. Clubhouse                                                805 N. Main St.        1939             
  2. Upper Verde Justice Court                       1101 N. Main St.       1929             
  3. Cottonwood Bridge      
  4. Lions Park                                


Landmarked Private Property

  1. Garrisons Liberty Garage                          1044 N. Main St.      1923
  2. First Assembly of God Church                  102 E. Pima St.         1951               
  3. Tovrea Residence                                      744 N. Main St          1934               
  4. Edens Residence                                       748 N. Main St.         1938
  5. Luther White Residence                            1428 E. Cochise St.   1939
  6. Bank of Arizona                                            816 N. Main St.       1954 

Other Historic City Property – Not Landmarked

  1. Post Office - City Hall                               827 N. Main St.         1960
  2. Mariani Brothers - Council Chambers      826 N. Main St.         1925
  3. Mariani Annex - City Clerk Office             824 N. Main St.         1936
  4. Del Monte Bridge