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The duties of the Airport Commission shall include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • To recommend changes to the city council regarding the operating rules for the airport;
  • To monitor the airport master plan and recommend updates and amendments thereto;
  • To recommend to the city council plans for the regulation of future growth, development and beautification of the airport and its immediate environs;
  • To review and recommend to the city council proposed land use relating to leases, fixed base operations.
  • To provide recommendations regarding the proper and harmonious use of lands surrounding the airport;
  • To recommend to the city council polices governing annual budgeting, and rates and fees to be charged all users of the airport;
  • To promote, support, and enhance the overall image and benefits of the airport to airport tenants, users and city residents alike;
  • To hear complaints and recommend such resolutions as deemed appropriate by the majority vote of the commission, however, such decisions may be appealed to the city council;
  • To be watchful for any policies, procedures or operations that affect the safety of the airport and its operations, and recommend to the city council that it take immediate action to correct the same to insure the highest practical level of safe air navigation;
  • To recommend priorities for grant projects that may be available from state or federal governments for city council for approval;
  • The commission shall meet annually or as requested by the city council to update the council on the commission's activities and to obtain city council input. (Ord. No. 541, 4, 2-17-2009)
  1. James Moeny


  2. Bill Wade

    Vice Chairman

  3. Vernon Reed

    Commission Member

  4. Ron Baird

    Commission Member

  5. John Sutton

    Commission Member