Cottonwood Public Safety Communications Center

The Cottonwood Public Safety Communications Center (CPSCC) was recently completed in December 2014. It is a state-of-the-art facility which serves as a regional dispatching center.

Staff & Agencies

CPSCC is staffed by twenty-three full time Communications Specialists to include two supervisors and three Communications Training Officers. The agencies for which CPSCC provides dispatching services include:
  • Cottonwood Police Department
  • Cottonwood Fire Department
  • Clarkdale Fire District
  • Jerome Fire Department
  • Verde Valley Ambulance Company
  • Verde Valley Fire District
  • Sedona Fire District
  • Camp Verde Fire District
  • Montezuma/Rimrock Fire District
The Communications Center provides communications support services to the Partners Against Narcotics Task Force (PANT) and the Dead Horse State Park Rangers. Dispatch answers over 2,850 telephone calls per month. They handle about 700 traffic stops and over 2,500 calls for service are dispatched per month.

Areas of Service

CPSCC is the PSAP (Public Safety Answering Point) for the city limits of Cottonwood, Dead Horse State Park, and selected cell phone towers throughout the Verde Valley. A PSAP is a primary answering point for 9-1-1. When a citizen calls 9-1-1 from a land-line within one of these areas, the call will be answered by Cottonwood Public Safety dispatchers.

Cell Phones

The Public Safety Communications Center has Wireless Phase II capabilities. Read more information on Phase II wireless.

It is very important to give the dispatcher your address or exact location even if your cell phone has GPS technology. You may not reach the agency you need initially and may have to be transferred to the appropriate agency.

Cell phone 9-1-1 calls have a tendency to drop out during the initial phase of the conversation. You may be asked to repeat your comments to the dispatcher. Remain calm, answer questions, and follow directions to ensure that your emergency is handled promptly.

Jurisdiction of Criminal Acts

The law enforcement agency of the area where the crime actually occurred is the agency with which you will need to file the report.