How To File


You must fill out the paperwork given to you by the Court staff or that you obtain on this website. An Order of Protection can only be issued against one person. Each person you want to file against requires a separate petition and possibly a service fee. For Order's of Protection the service is provided at no cost.

You must provide the Court with:
  • A name of the defendant.
  • A list of all specific facts of domestic violence or harassment that the defendant has committed within the past year
  • Your address and phone number so the Court can contact you if the defendant requests a hearing. Upon your request, this information will be withheld from the defendant.
  • An address at which the defendant can be legally served with the Court's order. Remember - you can request an Order or Injunction without the address - but it is not in effect until the defendant is served. You are responsible for the service of the order.
  • After you complete the paperwork, you will be scheduled before a Judge who will review your petition. This appearance is usually on the same day. The Judge will decide whether to issue the Order of Protection or Injunction Against Harassment. This is the only type of order that can be issued listening to one side of the story, called an ex-parte hearing.
If the protective order is granted, it must be served within one year and is valid for one year after service of the original order.

Violation of the order may result in arrest and prosecution. Violations are prosecuted in the jurisdiction where the violation occurred, under ARS§ 13-2810, Interference with Judicial Proceedings, a Class 1 Misdemeanor.