Protection Orders

Orders of Protection may be obtained at any Court. We strongly suggest that you contact the Cottonwood Municipal Court prior to you appearing to inquire of the Judge's availability the Judge may be in court or dealing with other issues, and you may have to wait before seeing him.
  1. Definition of Protection Order

    Filing for an Order of Protection is based on a two fold test. The first is your relationship with the defendant and the second is whether or not a domestic violence crime has been committed.

  2. How Defendant Is Served

    If the Judge issues the Order of Protection or Injunction Against Harassment, you must have the defendant served with the order before it will be effective.

  3. How To File

    Learn how to file an order of protection.

  4. Injunction Against Harassment

    Review a detailed definition of harassment before filing an injunction.

  5. Order of Protection Effect

    Get to know the effect an order of protection or injunction against harassment can have.

  6. Order of Protection Time Period

    Once an Order of Protection or Harassment Injunction has been served, it will be in effect for 1 year.