Community Development

Mission & Responsibilities

The Community Development Department includes the Planning Division, and Building Division. The Community Development Department's mission is to provide professional planning and technical services to guide the orderly development of a healthy, balanced, livable community. This department administers planning services, issues construction permits, and enforces codes and ordinances in the interest of ensuring safe and attractive neighborhoods, a healthy environment, and a strong, vital economy.

Dark Sky Community
The City of Cottonwood (City Council) is pursuing a Dark-Sky Community designation from the International Dark-Sky Association (IDA).  The Cottonwood Dark-Sky Committee was formed and is now working on items needed for the IDA application. We believe that the goals and strategies outlined by the IDA will promote and enhance  the efforts of the citizens of the City of Cottonwood to be good stewards of our dark sky.  One of the requirements in the IDA application for a Dark-Sky Community designation is to demonstrate support from the community.  The Cottonwood City Council and the Cottonwood Dark-Sky Committee respectfully request your consideration of writing a letter stating you support the efforts of the Cottonwood City Council in pursuing a Dark-Sky Community designation for the City of Cottonwood from the IDA.
Dark Sky Sample Letter
IDA Guidelines Website

Application Forms

To obtain application forms for such development processes as design review, conditional use, variance and zone changes, please contact Scott Ellis, Community Development Planner to make a pre-application appointment.