City Clerk


The City Clerk is responsible for maintaining all permanent and official city records and reports directly to the City Council.


The City Clerk:
  • Compiles and prepares the information and documentation to present to the Council for its consideration on matters pertaining to the city
  • Is responsible for all public notices and posting of council meeting agendas
  • Records and produces minutes of all City Council meetings
  • Processes and maintains official City documents and records
  • Provides information regarding City records to the public
  • Oversees city elections
  1. City Council

    View meeting times and location of City Council and find agendas and minutes from previous meetings.

  2. Community Garden

    The garden is located at Riverfront Park in Cottonwood, Arizona. The City of Cottonwood has assumed management of the Cottonwood Community Garden.

  3. Election Information

    Learn important dates and how to qualify to run for office.

  4. Municipal Code

    The City Clerk is responsible for maintaining the city's Municipal Code.

  5. Public Records Request

    As custodian of the City's records, the City Clerk's office oversees storage, retrieval, and destruction of city records, and responds to public records requests.